Concept Art & Illustration

//Freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist currently based in Germany//I started digital Art around 2016 and have been working as a freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist since 2021 in Fulltime.Having been facinated by videogames already a young age it was no surprise that I would in future pursue a career in the industry.Introduction to the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV in the year 2015 showed me that there is way more possibilites to work with art than I first thought.Soon I transitioned from traditional to digital art and went to an Art Academy in the subject of Communicative Design with focus on Illustration in the year 2018 until 2021.During this time I participated in 3 Game Jams with small teams and found most joy in working together with others to create something bigger.I also had an remote 6 week internship under the Guidance of a Concept Artist in summer 2020.In July 2021 I successfully completed the Academy and became a freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist for mainly private Clients.


For professional inquiries please get into contact with me via E-Mail.
E-Mail: [email protected]

My own Vtube Model for my twitch channel:


2022 - New Project for a game in a larger group - not yet able to disclose more information

Concept Art for private Clients
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Thesis 2021
"Character and UI-Design for a Gacha-Game" (duration of 12 weeks)

These are screenshots of the App that I developed as my final project at the academy I studied at.Before this project I had virtually no experience with Unity but was already immensly interested in the programm.So I used the chance to learn the basics and apply them to the rather simple concept of “simulating” a common, so-called “Gacha-Game” as you can find them in App Stores.Meaning - I wanted to design characters and give the user the opportunity to “pull” for them via RNG (a simple button click in the App).From start to finish you can see the homescreen, banner screen, draw screen, inventory, and character information (not as relevant, as I came up with these infos on the spot - they weren’t relevant for the grading of my project, it is practically a placeholder with a little bit more love.)Everything - from the characters to the backgrounds - has been sketched up, drawn and inplemented by me.Video of the App (a recording) and the APK can be given at request.-This project is mixed English and German as my professors requested me to include our native language-

English and German are mixed as professors wanted part of it to be written in German.